Sherpa Kids offers good quality childcare at an affordable price. Working on a child-carer ratio of 15:1 in the UK, compared to the standard UK ratio of 30:1, it delivers a ‘fresh and vibrant’ approach to childcare – and aims to “give children such a great time that they do not want to go home!”.

In addition to offering activities, ranging from arts and crafts to sports and cookery, Sherpa Kids also capitalises on its international connections by, for example, encouraging Sherpa children from Adelaide in Australia to send postcards to children in London, England, or Benfleet, Essex, to learn about life on the other side of the world.

Sherpa Kids currently operates in six schools in London. All of these clubs are run by dedicated franchisees, carefully selected by the company. By using a franchise model, Sherpa Kids’ clubs not only benefit from the local knowledge of the provider,  they also contribute to the economic and employment prospects of local communities since all decision-making is done at local level by franchise owners and franchisees are encouraged to source products locally.



Breakfast Club, After School Care and Holiday Care

Breakfast club, After School and Holiday Care programmes are provided in accordance with the requirements of the school and Sherpa Kids’ Centre Policies and Procedures (Policies and Procedures). The Policies and Procedures will be developed by Sherpa Kids in alignment with the school’s policies and are subject to the school’s approval.
In collaboration with the school, and supporting its ethos and values, our programmes will be tailored to complement the curriculum and themes running in the school.  The theme for the week is explored each day via planned, fun activities that are designed to link with the National Quality Framework outcomes in particular the EYFS framework.

A Weekly Planner is attached (ATT 01.). Planned learning activities are structured as follows:

A typical After School Care weekly routine is:
  • Monday: Arts & Crafts
  • Tuesday: Music & Drama
  • Wednesday: Sport & Games
  • Thursday: Cooking & Technology
  • Friday: Fun Activities
 A typical After School Care daily routine is:
  • 3:30pm – 4:00pm: Roll call, recharge with afternoon tea
  • 4:00pm – 4:30pm: Homework or quiet activity
  • 4:30pm – 5:00pm: Planned learning activity (e.g. Art &Craft)
  • 5:30pm – 5:45pm: Outside play (if weather/light permits)
  • 5:45pm – 6:00pm: Tidy up, quiet time, children are picked up.

Sherpa Kids’ programmes are a guide to the day’s activities and flexible enough to cater to children’s enthusiasm and interest on the day, but can be altered to suit at the discretion of the Programme Manager.

At all times we aim to provide a high quality environment for children which is welcoming, safe and stimulating and where children are able to enjoy learning and grow in confidence.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Learning and development covers three areas:

  • 7 areas of learning and development,
  • the early learning goals and,
  • assessment requirements.

Our programmes align with these requirements and importantly the delivery of the service is meet to reflect the needs of the children in our care.  Our Sherpa Kids Journal is a prime example supported by our activities and for early years assessment and interaction captured daily by our staff.

Join the list of school headteachers who have partnered with Sherpa Kids. We have a global partnerships to over 150 schools and growing

Schools cannot afford to ignore their responsibilities to children and parents in providing out of school hours care and it is, of course, essential that these services are of the highest quality since they are inextricably linked to the school’s reputation.



We explored a number of external providers before selecting Sherpa Kids.  We were delighted to see that their ethos and aspirations for children in their care mirrored and complimented the ethos and aims of our school.

Sherpa Kids have now been providing high quality childcare in our school for over a year and we remain impressed with the range of exciting  activities and experiences the children are offered.

The Sherpa Kids team is well- managed and they  are all highly professional. They do everything to ensure that the transition between school, themselves and parents is seamless.

 Communication between school and Sherpa is excellent and I also know how happy the children are in their care.

I would highly recommend Sam and her team to others.

Nicola Watson – Head Teacher, Barley Mow Primary School, Gateshead


From our very first meeting we knew this would be a wonderful partnership. We wanted a provider that could link closely to our school vision and values, and Sherpa have most definitely provided this. They are forward thinking, and understand the importance of linking with the local community, as well as offering children the chance to learn about other communities from around the world, including their original home back in Australia.

Sherpa Kids are highly professional and do everything possible to provide a seamless transition between school, childcare and parents. Nothing is too much trouble and the communication between school and Sherpa, both the team on the ground and behind the scenes, is brilliant.

The activities provided during Sherpa Kids are highly structured, with excellent ideas that stimulate our children whilst providing them with as many first hand experiences as possible. The Sherpa Kids team have been able to offer our families with high quality wrap around childcare, whilst providing us as staff with a whole new group of wonderful colleagues.

Sue Attard (Principal) & Aimee De La Salle (Vice Principal) Hatfield Community Free School.

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