Jupiter Community Free School

As of Monday 21st December 2020 the Sherpa Kids Wraparound Care Club has been rebranded into a Energy Kidz Breakfast & After School Club.

You can find the full information here: https://www.energy-kidz.co.uk/breakfast-and-after-school-clubs/jupiter-community-free-school/.

All bookings for the remainder of the Winter Term and the new Spring Term 2021 have now been transferred over to the new Energy Kidz Breakfast & After School Club. Parents can log into their accounts using your current credentials and manage all current & future bookings via the following booking portal: https://bookings.energy-kidz.co.uk/Identity/Account/Login

If you have any further questions regarding your new Breakfast & After School Club please don’t hesitate to contact their friendly customer care team at info@energy-kidz.co.uk or alternatively give us a call on 0333 577 1533.

Jupiter Community Free School